Friday, September 7, 2012

For Such a Time As This

Esther 4:14 “ . . . And who knows but that you have come to royal position for such a time as this?”

Since leaving my full-time day job, I’ve become a full-time caregiver to my hubby who has COPD, Emphysema, and a diseased heart. As such, I do all the driving. Yesterday he wanted to get a haircut and I was frantically trying to meet my  writing goal for the month. Thankfully, my laptop was fully powered, so off we went.

While we were getting hubby’s oxygen tank from the back seat, another vehicle parked beside us. The woman got out of the van and we tried to make room for her to get around us.

“Don’t worry,” she said. “Take your time. I can walk in front of your car.” With a sweet smile she did so.

Hubby headed off to the barber chair and I opened my laptop. I never thought again about the nice lady until . . .

After a productive writing session, hubby returned. I stepped out of the car and immediately noticed a bank card lying on the ground. The owner’s name was Elizabeth.

Whoever Elizabeth was, she would be frantic when she noticed her card missing. Returning it to the bank would get it back to her, but what if it belonged to the nice lady from the van? What were the odds?

I decided to try. My first stop was the optical store next to the barber shop. As I approached, I knew God was in control because the woman I sought was inside helping a customer. She worked there. God’s hand all the way.

I went inside and asked if she was the woman who’d parked her van next to us. She said yes. I asked if her name was Elizabeth. Now she looked a little nervous but said yes.

When I handed her the card, her relief and surprise showed in her expression. After thanking me over and over, she said, “I just did something good for this woman (indicating the woman she’d been helping) and now it has been paid forward!”

I have no doubt this entire trip was orchestrated by God. It had seemed a minor inconvenience in my “planned” day, but it turned out to be a major blessing. God places us in positions to be angels on earth. Just like Esther was destined to become a Queen “for such a time as this.”

PRAYER: “Dear God, thank you for bringing us into places and situations where we can be your hands and feet, for we know that through blessing others we receive our greatest blessings. Amen.”

 Have you had a similar experience?  How have you been “paying it forward?”


Unknown said...

Thank you Carol Ann. Your post really touched me this morning.

Carol Ann said...

Love you, Sharon.

Carol Ann said...

I have been put into places to be an angel for God so many times. I often wonder if I miss some of the blessings (Matthew 25:45) because I'm not listening to the still, small voice.

Unknown said...

I wish there were more like you in this world. What a lovely story, to brighten my day

Carol Ann said...

Thanks for stopping by, Nancy! So glad I could brighten your day. I'm sure there are a lot of angels walking around just when we need them.