Friday, January 11, 2013

Sitting at the feet of Jesus

I like to think of our quiet times as sitting at the feet of Jesus.
The apostle Paul wrote this letter to the Colossians to combat heresy which was interfering with the doctrine of truth.

Paul first prayed for them, and then he talked to them about the issues.

So for all the people we care about~ parents~ child~ spouse~ friends~ family~ neighbors~ co-workers~ and people in need around the world~ one of the best things we can do for them is pray.

The promise to pray for others is the finest gift we can give. The most important thing we can pray about for others is that they will know God better and that He will help them understand His will, grow in spiritual wisdom, and live lives that honor Him.

We can pray that they will become more like Him and bear the fruit of His Spirit.

Applying Colossians 1 to my life, using my own name to make it sink in deep.

1. Pray that God will enable Sharon to live a powerful and fruitful life that reflects His love, His mercy, His truth, and purity. And to live a life that is always pleasing to Him.

2. Pray that God will use Sharon to help others become strong it their faith.

3. Pray that Sharon will have the discipline to set her mind on heavenly things~~to have an eternal focus and not be depleted or scattered by temporal concerns.

Sharon ~ a believer ~  a redeemed sinner ~ a Christian author ~only by the will of God.

To the holy and faithful brothers and sisters in Christ to whom God sends me~
Sharon~ first send grace and peace to them from God our Father. Next thank God for them and pray for them. ~~ Make praying for others a priority.

As I came to verse 15 and beyond my thoughts focused on the Trinity.

God created heaven, the angels, and heavenly creatures. But it did not satisfy. God wanted a family relationship. So God created the earth and all that dwells here. He created the first human from the dust of the earth and breathed him to live. God named the first man Adam, and let him name all the creatures He had created to populate Adam’s world.

Just as God wanted a family relationship, He knew that Adam needed an earthly family. It is significant that God took a part of Adam (a rib) and created a woman.
Just as we feel a special bond with our children who were created from a tiny part of our bodies, so Adam felt a close bond with Eve.

Husbands and wives would do well to seek that same closeness with each other.
And then~~Adam and Eve had children. And as the children grew~ and struggled with obedience~ Adam and Eve experienced disappointment when their children failed, and a measure of pride when they succeeded. Much as their Father God felt for them.

Just as we, after we have children of our own, we finally realize what we put our own father and mother through.

At this point my thoughts focused on the Trinity.

For 4,000 years of God watched mankind go his own way ~~ leaving God~~ and then returning ~~ again and again and again. It was time to make a new covenant with His creation. God took part of Himself and planted it inside of Mary. The tiny part of God joined with a tiny part of Mary and grew into the child Jesus. This created the possibility of a family bond between God and man.

God adores His son Jesus. And Jesus became a go-between for God and man. We adore Jesus because He understands everything that we could possibly encounter in this life.
God reconciled us to Himself by Christ’s physical body through death to present us holy in His sight, without blemish and free from accusation—if we continue in the faith. We in turn want to help present everyone perfect in Christ, and labor to this end.

The promise to believers is to become the bride of Christ. This is the female position in the heavenly family.

This provoked more thoughts.

A year or two ago I read a book by Tosca Lee about the live of Eve. The title is Havah. This story presented the closeness and the bond of Adam and Eve in a way I had never considered. And at the time I didn’t know what I thought about it.
But in today’s Bible study, with the thought of the closeness of parent to their child, I remembered this book.

The thought was presented that before the fall, Eve had a special closeness with Adam. Even when he was far away she could sense his presence and knew all was well. In a more intense level than that of identical twins.

In my devotions today I got a sense that this does describe the special closeness between the Father and Jesus Christ.

I am awed and still digesting this, but I wanted to get these few thoughts captured before I lose them.

How can I pray for you?

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