Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Poems, Songs, and Short Stories from THE GALLERY

Collection of three short poems titled … Per la Rinascita del Romanticismo (The rebirth of romanticism)

By Daniel Kemp

Don’t label me by a name.
Don’t label me by a colour.
I am me. I am no other.

To rise from a barren earth.
To soar above, to wing away.
To escape from all that's lacking, and live to love another day.

A whisper on a silent breeze,
Of love that needs no speech.
A glance that never was,
towards a hand stretched out to reach.

Bio for Daniel Kemp:

A former London Police Officer. Once arrested for attempted murder in England, and being found not-guilty, Danny Kemp decided that a career in writing was for him.

No different than Nicholas Sparks, Mr. Kemp's first novel The Desolate Garden was picked up in a snap, and published in March 2012.

The novel is available on forty-one internet sites worldwide and either in, or by order from, all major bookshops in the United Kingdom, including Waterstones ~ the largest book retailer in the UK ~for whom he recently finished a sixteen week signing tour.  Waterstones has likened Kemps witting to that of Graham Greene. 

Having been compared to The 39 Steps, The Constant Gardener and North By North-West, The Desolate Garden is being converted into a film by a  London Film Production Company. A ‘set’ is being constructed in The Arab United Emirates.

Outside the field of "run-ins with the law”, Kemp draws on decades of experience, encompassing the Metropolitan Police, the tenancy of three English Public Houses, and the Licensed Taxi Trade in London, as well as being a radio voice-over artist in several radio plays, where he honed his sense of story and pacing.

He lives with his beloved wife in London, England, and is rather proud of his two step-children and four grandchildren.

You can find out more about author Daniel Kemp and his writing here: 


Caroline said...

Lovely, lovely poems, Daniel. Thanks for sharing!

Danny Kemp said...

Thank you once more Sharon, and thank you Caroline for your lovely comment.

Unknown said...

Thank You for sharing Danny!