Friday, May 17, 2013

Three Reasons to Listen to the Enemy

Three Reasons to Listen to the Enemy
By Lynn Hare

Submit yourselves therefore to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.     – James 4:7 (ESV)

Pay attention to the enemy of your soul. He’s got something you need.

Following a car accident in February, I was laid up with leg, back, neck, and facial injuries. By March, I was still in so much pain, I couldn't even get comfortable in bed.

I told my husband, “This morning I didn't want to get out of bed. The pain is winning.” My head dropped to my chest.

But I listened for Jesus’ voice. I heard Him whisper, “Those thoughts are not yours. The enemy is in your head.”

How do we wage war? By listening to the enemy. Here are three reasons:

1.) The enemy will show you where on the battlefield to fight.
When we hear, “I’m not making any progress,” we need to look for growth.
When I said, “I’m not getting better,” I frowned at the bald-faced lie. “Hey,” I said, “No wonder I’m under attack. I’m about to improve!” Determined, I rode my exercise bike and stretched my leg muscles. I was rewarded with a surge of energy. The next day, instead of two crutches, I was on one.

2. Like negatives from a camera, the enemy shows you the reverse of the truth.
Like photos developed in a dark room, black becomes white. Red turns green. Yellow is soon purple. When the enemy shows us an image, we need to declare its precise opposite.

I caught myself saying, “I feel lonely and isolated.” But then I glanced at the stack of get-well-soon cards and meals friends had dropped off. “NO!” I said aloud. “I have lots of friends!”

I determined to write two letters of encouragement each night.

3.) The enemy unwittingly drops hints that point to our future.
When I looked in the mirror, I thought, “Look at the swelling over my eye. What a loser!”

But instead, I looked ahead to what God was shaping me to become. I said aloud, “I'm a winner!” I doubled my words of encouragement to others. Several told me they were uplifted and strengthened.

And now the enemy was no longer in my head. I grinned, leaned forward and asked, “What else have you got?” 

He scowled and backed away. “Forget it.”
What lies from the enemy are pointing you to the Truth?

Lynn Hare Bio:
Author, speaker, and certified teacher Lynn Hare enthusiastically provides grace-filled messages about encouragement, prayer, and practicing the presence of the Holy Spirit. A member of Oregon Christian Writers, she lives in Portland with her husband, Tim, of thirty-two years. Her inspirational pieces appear in numerous Christian periodicals. Website:

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Lynn Hare said...

Sharon, thanks so much for the chance to guest blog. It's a privilege to write for Christ beside you.

Readers, what's the number one obstacle you're dealing with today? What truth is Christ revealing in the matter?

Unknown said...

Thank you Lynn. I have much to think about after re-reading this post today.

Shelley Wilburn said...

I just ran across your post. I know it wasn't an accident, but Divine Intervention! You see, I have been under attack for the last 24 hours & your post is exactly what I was thinking, exactly what I needed! Thanks for being obedient to the Lord because you have encouraged me and helped me move forward! May God bless you a hundred fold! ;-]

Unknown said...

Thank you Shelley Wilburn and may He continue to guide your steps.