Friday, August 30, 2013

The Blessing Basket

The past two months have been difficult for me as I continue to deal with the grief of my husband's death. Losing our loved ones is the most difficult thing most of us will face. Even Jesus wept at death.

I have received many small books and pamphlets which talk about dealing with grief and loss. One of the suggestions was to start a blessing jar by adding a penny for every received blessing. You can see the blessings accumulate.

Decided to try this with a modification. I started a blessing basket. This way I write down the blessings I receive and can read them later when I need a lift.

I believe this is something anyone can do at any time. What a nice way to realize that no matter what hardships we encounter in our lives, we also have reassurance of God's blessings.

My basket is pretty plain, but I am thinking about adding butterflies and flowers to adorn it. If you decide to do a blessing basket, let me know and send me a picture! I'd like to add it to my website where I'm creating a new "blessing basket" page.

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