Friday, October 25, 2013

Be Still and Listen

Psalm 46:10 "Be still, and know that I am God;"

This is my treadmill desk. I love to write while I'm walking and listening to background music. The time flies and I don't have any shoulder or back pain from sitting in a chair. I turn the treadmill to 1.5 or 2.0, which is a very slow walk. However, the exercise keeps the blood flowing and makes for a better writing session.

I miss my desk! Lately I've been writing at my kitchen table. Mostly because I've been so tired and worn out. Going through heart tests and the doctor advised me not to do the treadmill right now. Then bronchitis settled in and totally wiped me out.

My daughter said it was God telling me to slow down. After the death of my husband, I threw myself into major projects so I wouldn't be able to think about the sadness of being alone. Since I've always been a very healthy and active person, all of this has been difficult to accept.

God never does anything to harm us and sometimes we need to slow down and regroup. These are the times when He draws us closer to Him. When we are too busy, we can easily forget to listen to God's voice. Every day God talks to me. He speaks to me through nature, through friends, and through family. I'm slowly recovering and waiting for results from the doctor. I'm doing a lot of resting. God tells me this, too, shall pass. For the moment, I'm savoring the beauty of the heavens, the blue skies, the stormy skies, the clouds intricately stacked in 3-D, the sun, the moon, the changing leaves. I'm soaking up the lessons in Bible Study. Reading good Christian books. Reading the Bible. Listening to God.


Caroline said...

Take care of yourself, sweet Carol Ann! I love your "new" desktop! :)

Unknown said...

Love the thought of the walking desk. I'd like to have something like that. I hope you will be able to be back on board soon.

Carol Ann said...

Thanks Caroline and Sharon. I'm hoping to be back on my feet (literally) soon!