Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Gallery

In the Agora
by Nadine Keels

It very well could have been only moments before I awakened
that I dreamed

I opened my eyes
and found myself standing in the middle of a bustling square
with what must have been various vendors, lining the streets
Potential buyers walked in every direction
searching, examining
wanting, needing
and hoping: hoping that, perhaps this time, what was truly required and longed for would actually
be here

It was mystifying to me, however
that in the midst of all of the bustling
behind the din of the negotiating and bargaining
another sound, somehow unfitting for that scene and situation
reached my ears
But what was it?
I soon recognized it to be the sound of voices—
other voices:
the voices of children
calling one to another in the marketplace
No one had danced to the ebullient piping of their flutes
no one had grieved along with their funereal songs
and so the children called, and called—
present, but essentially

I opened my eyes
and found myself traversing on foot
through the pages of a massive book
Chapter after chapter unfolded before me
as the storyline drew me deeper and deeper
into someone else’s world that had, somehow, become my own
The individuals I could scarcely call characters
must have lived, and must have breathed
for as long as I dared to imagine their experiences
and to listen to their conversations
And when the story reached a conclusion
somehow it was not over
as my journey through the turning of those remarkable pages
led to the turning of something in my soul
I realized, as the pages settled and the book closed
that I had been touched
by glory

I opened my eyes
and found myself sitting in a great amphitheater
empty, save for me—the lone member of an intrigued audience
and a cast of brilliant actors
owning the stage that they performed on
and transforming it into a different place entirely
until it was no longer a stage, but a vital microcosm
illustrating a sampling of the dynamics and intricacies
that make up what is known
as life
The production came to a close
and I stood to offer my appreciation
with my best attempt at thunderous applause
I bit my lip, unsure if I was biting back a smile
or holding back a tear
or two
as what must have been a play
had been more than a play:
for it left me with the distinct, stirring awareness
that I had just been touched
by glory

I opened my eyes
and found myself in an art museum
studying profound pieces of creative genius
I opened my eyes
and found myself in a lecture hall
listening to a cultured professor’s discourse
as I feverishly typed notes on my laptop
I found myself sitting in a boardroom
as the president of an expanding company
outlined the company’s next strategic moves
to the other members of the board
I found myself standing in the middle of a legislative assembly
watching as elected officials
debated about which new bills should be passed into law:

And each time, whenever I left—
the art museum, the lecture hall
the boardroom, the assembly—
I left with the strange, but appropriate feeling
that while witnessing all that I had witnessed
I had actually been touched
by glory

It very well could have been only moments before I awakened
that I found myself, once again, standing in the bustling square
where various “vendors” lined the streets—
in libraries, in theaters
in restaurants, in studios
in universities, in courtrooms—
offering their goods and services and expertise
to the potential “buyers” in need
And I was thrilled, suddenly, to hear the sound of voices—
other voices:
the matured voices of inventors and masters and leaders
who were children no longer
and who proclaimed compelling messages of faith, and of hope, and of love
and of an eminent, magnificent reign so far beyond the terrestrial
in whatever languages, spoken or unspoken, that the buyers could understand
And the buyers saw, and they heard
and they listened, and their hopes stretched toward fulfillment
as the good reports of the Creator greater than the universe He designed
filled the marketplace
with what could only be described as
and classified as
and declared to be
His glory

On went the bustling, the negotiating, the bargaining
and then
I opened my eyes
and I awakened

Taken from her book, Hope: Lyricized.

Author Bio: Nadine. A French name, meaning, "hope."
Spreading hope to her readers and audiences, author, editor, and speaker Nadine C. Keels of Seattle, Washington is well-known for The Song of Nadine, the powerful lyrical poetry seen in four of her several books, heard in her dynamic spoken word presentations on both local and national platforms, and found on her spoken word album, Hope. Lyricized. Drawing from her lifelong passion for highly enjoyable and transformational fiction, Nadine has written Love & Eminence: A Suite of Stories as well as two novels and a novella, Love Unfeigned. In response to inquiries from other aspiring authors, Nadine put together a simple reference entitled Write Your Genius, Genius! A Rather Quick Guide to Book Writing. Being the founder of Prismatic Prospects, a communication company based in Seattle, Nadine has served as editor and co-editor for a number of titles, and it is her aim to be a proven wellspring of inspiration for creativity and innovation in the marketplace. Find Nadine online at: and her book list is on Amazon

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