Saturday, November 15, 2014

Introducing our Book Cover Design Service

Story and Logic Media Group is closed to unsolicited submissions at this time. However...

SAL Media...a division of Story and Logic Media Group is now offering both Stock and Custom Book covers to our clients.

Cover Reveal:

We created this E-cover for the talented Justina Prima for her debut novel The Pawnbroker's Ring. You can find it here.

You can find her paperback here. It is due to be updated with the new cover soon.

Check out our other covers by clicking the Stock Cover tab.


Helen Gray said...

You state prices for your stock covers, but not your custom ones. Would love to see your rates for these.

Unknown said...

Price for a custom job really depends on what the customer wants. How many photos are involved etc. The samples ending in 01 have just used one photo. So they are not as unique as if they had other photo's blended. The book cover in the blog post is a minimum $75 value just for the front cover and an extra $25.00 for the spine and back cover. And if the stock photos are more pricey it would be more.