Monday, December 29, 2014

Four more covers for 2014

Our Design Artist has found four more covers that we neglected to post before now. 

We want to reorganize the way we file our book covers in the New Year but at the moment these are filed under Miscellaneous. 

The first two covers are MISC-102 AND MISC-202 with the list price of $50.00

MISC 5401 AND MISC-5501 are $25.00 each

When we look over other cover stock sites we see some covers with title names and some with the generic words Book Title as we have the generic author name on ours.

We have also been playing with fonts and so far have found some more to our liking than others. Some are pretty, but too thin to show up well on a book cover, in our opinion. 

Book covers with people on them are said to have life to them. But we continue to search the latest trends in covers to see what others like. 

We don't expect to add so many covers each week as we have been doing as we are taking time off to learn new techniques.

Are you a reader? What makes you want to pick up a particular book? What do you look at first? What do you look at second? What makes you decide to take the time to actually read the book?

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Caroline said...

I think I have my own tho'ts of pics in my mind about my books. I like certain things too, and when a book cover designer hits or touches on either or both of these things, it clicks for me. Sometimes in a big way, sometimes in just a like. And I also love designers that give you encouragement to share what several scenes are from your bk or what you imagine in your mind, then go from there. Designers have a big, very important job.

P.S. There are probably only about a fourth of the covers out there that suit ME. But then you already know I'm picky. Lol