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Story and Logic Media Group

Who knew a publishing company would begin with a blog assignment Sharon A. Lavy accepted from Greg Johnson for Wordserve Watercooler?

The blog turned into a series and a passion, and eventually Story and Logic Media Group.

Let me back up a week before the assignment.

Husband and I had flown our small plane to Indiana to visit friends whom we had known since childhood. After church services, we ate lunch with two other couples and then our friends took us back to the plane.

The men sat in the front seat of our friends' car, and we women rode in the back. That’s when my friend told me her latest promise to God:

To read no more fiction until the end of the year. And she topped it off by saying that she hoped that by the end of the year her desire to read fiction would be totally removed from her.

Can you imagine how this felt to this novelist? It wasn’t the first time I had come across other Christians who had a bad impression of fiction. But this was my friend. An avid reader. Who had gone through some heartache, and I knew how much reading fiction helped during that time.

I had to be careful not to react in a negative way to my friend, because I knew God wanted me to write fiction to help hurting women. About how we need each other.

So when Greg threw out the assignment for a post on how reading affects our minds and emotions, I jumped on it. And I wrote a series of blog posts about how reading fiction helps us grow and learn to relate to others.

At that time I was searching for a publisher myself, with no dreams of publishing anything, of building a company. But in 2012 when Story and Logic Media Group was born, the mission was to publish clean books that fit with a Christian worldview. Books that would only help and not harm.

Mission Statement:
We believe in the power of story, and publish books for the discerning reader. All our books fall in either the Clean category or Christian/Inspirational

We put this slogan on each novels title page right under our publishing company name:
For the discriminating reader…because we believe story needs logic.

SUBMISSIONS: We are not accepting unsolicited submissions at this time.

However we have recently added custom book formatting and and custom and stock cover design to our offered services.

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