Custom Book Covers

Full Cover with Front. Back, and Spine
Full covers include 1/4" trim around edges.


Front Cover Only  

Boxed Sets

Story and Logic Media Group
Cover Design Info Needed



Sub title:

Or Series Title: 



Cover Direction

How would you classify your book?  Non-fiction or fiction (novel, novelette, short story)

How would you classify the content?  (suspense, mystery, romantic, historical, drama, quirky, biblical, serious, entertaining, inspirational, funny, etc.)

Who is your target audience?

What should the tone of the cover be? What mood or emotion would you like the cover to invoke in the reader?

What would compel a reader to pick up this book? What’s the hook? What’s the most compelling twist or difference in this story?

List at least three themes conveyed by the book.

Are there other book covers that would be in line with this same tone? (Feel free to cut and paste the link to covers you find online at or other retailers.)

What element of the book do you think would make the most important visual element on a cover? 

What visual graphic will most tell the story? Is there an iconic image that appears throughout?

Describe one or two key scenes. Please vary the type (action vs conversation or confrontation, etc.), and include time frame, geographical location, time of year, etc.

Describe the main characters (hair color, skin color, eyes, clothing, etc.). (I’ll see what I can find on the sites where I purchase my photos.)

Describe important settings in the book. Please vary (indoor vs. outdoor, home vs. work, etc). What is the main setting? What would be most telling for the theme of the story?

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