Christmas and Winter Book Covers

Plan Ahead for your fall-winter-Christmas books for 2015.
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Most images come from BigStock, Deposit Photo, and 

Images require a special licence at a cost of $50-$100 for sales over 250,000 copies. SAL Media is not responsible for what a buyer does after purchasing a book cover. Book cover buyers are reminded to to keep track of sales and may feel it is time to upgrade the cover after 250,000 sales.

Front book cover catalogue numbers ending in 01 are SALE priced for a limited time at $25.00 each unless otherwise marked.
Book cover numbers ending in 02 are $50 unless marked differently.
Book cover numbers ending in 03 are $75.00 unless marked differently.

Full covers including back and spine will add $25.00 + the cost of extra images needed.

Upper and lowercase title and author name option is included in price, plus font selection already owned by SAL Media included in price. Special fonts not already owned by SAL Media will add to the cost. 
Cost of custom covers depends on the amount of images needed. And where they are purchased. For instance, Shutterstock images cost more.

SAL media does do not reuse images on any of the covers we sell--custom or stock. But there may be duplicate covers on this page that are used as examples. 

Disclaimer: No cover designer can guarantee that another cover designer won't use the same image as another designer. (Not at these prices)

You may contact us for more information.

STOCK BOOK COVERS for a series furnished by SAL Media:

Christmas Series 101                                                  Christmas Series 201

 Christmas Series 301                                                 Christmas Series 401

 Christmas Series 501                                                Christmas Series 601

 Christmas Series 701                                                 Christmas Series 801

Custom Christmas Story 102                                    Custom Christmas cover SOLD 

Winter-101                                                                  Winter-201


Winter-301                                                              Winter 401

 Winter-501                                                                 Winter-601

 Winter-701                                                                   Winter-801

Winter-901                                                                Winter 1001

Winter-1101                                                                  Winter-1201

Fall-Winter-101                                                             Fall-Winter-201

Fall-Winter-301                                                           Fall-Winter-401


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